DAS New York | May 5, 2017 | MoMA

“DAS is a unique international event that brings together an unparalleled cross-section of domain experts in a pragmatic, engaging and educational format to discuss the most current challenges and breakthroughs in managing digital assets today. I am extremely excited about witnessing the cross-pollination and convergence of ideas that will emerge from the amazing lineup of speakers and presentations we pulled together for this DAS.” - Chris Lacinak, AVPreserve



DAS Speakers include Gerry Lawson, Todd Cater, Johanna Salazar, Jamie DiVenere, James Hendler, Nick Gold, Andrea Kalas, Terrence Thomas, Matt White, Shola Lynch, and Robert Stone.

DAS Schedule

Following the day’s presentations, everyone is invited to a reception to continue the conversation. The reception will be held at Viacom’s White Box – just a short walk from MoMA.

The Program

“DAS is a thoroughly unique event where attendees learn from and engage with some of the best and brightest in […]

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Unique in its approach, DAS brings together a cross-section of experts from different industries and disciplines sharing user perspectives and […]

DAS 2017 | New York

May 5, 2017 |  New York, NY DAS New York will be at MoMA, located at 11 W 53rd St, […]