DAS New York | May 5, 2017 | MoMA

“DAS is a unique international event that brings together an unparalleled cross-section of domain experts in a pragmatic, engaging and educational format to discuss the most current challenges and breakthroughs in managing digital assets today. I am extremely excited about witnessing the cross-pollination and convergence of ideas that will emerge from the amazing lineup of speakers and presentations we pulled together for this DAS.” - Chris Lacinak, AVPreserve


The Program

“DAS is a thoroughly unique event where attendees learn from and engage with some of the best and brightest in the international digital asset community. Presenters share their knowledge and experiences, which apply across a cross-section of disciplines. We’re also addressing key topics in our program that apply to experts working in many different roles, […]

DAS Partners and Sponsors

Iron Mountain, AMIA’s Preservation Partner provides year-round support for programs, projects and publications. Iron Mountain Entertainment Services For more than 60 years, Iron Mountain has preserved priceless originals of blockbuster movies, popular songs, hit TV shows and other irreplaceable film and sound recordings. In doing so, the company helps major movie studios, recording labels, television […]

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Unique in its approach, DAS brings together a cross-section of experts from different industries and disciplines sharing user perspectives and expert analysis to examine the full life cycle of the media asset – from content creation to rights management to assuring asset preservation.  Case studies  and speakers offer a comprehensive look at the challenges and […]

DAS 2017 | New York

May 5, 2017 |  New York, NY DAS New York will be at MoMA, located at 11 W 53rd St, New York, NY. AMIA Members use discount code AMIA-M for discounted rates.   DAS registration fees are on a sliding scale.  The categories reflected  are intended to reflect factors that affect an attendees ability to […]

Case Study: DIAMOND – Hitting It Out Of The Park

Major League Baseball is rich with video content with over 600,000 hours of content currently in the video archives.  MLB Network is recording over 7000 hours of content per week during the 2016 season.  Logging this content, while making it highly available to the creative television production personnel is critical to MLB Network’s business. During […]

Developing & Implementing Rights Management

Rights Metadata Management at the NYPL As cultural heritage institutions build larger repositories of increasingly complex objects, copyright concerns have taken center stage in the management of digital assets. To address the management of copyright information, the New York Public Library has developed a rights metadata management system. This session will cover the information stored […]

Smart Content and Metadata from Creation to Distribution

Smart Content and Metadata from Creation to Distribution Metadata has never been more important across every part of the creation, distribution, and even archive, lifecycle and connecting it has never been more valuable. Taking a new Smart Content approach, organizations are looking across all their data to connect with users, drive new ways to partner […]