Production, Copyright and Storage: First speakers announced

Posted on April 10, 2014

“Since the beginning, DAS has been the place where projects, problems, and solutions are discussed within a real world framework. This year’s event continues that and will engage an even greater diversity of experts and industries.  We want the entire community of technical and creative users to share what they are working on, the lessons learned, what challenges they’re facing now and what might be around the corner,” noted Tom Regal, the DAS program chair.

An early peek at the lineup includes compelling experts and speakers. Additional presenters and case studies are being announced weekly.

Flexibility, Inventiveness and Creativity: A Case Study in Data Centric  Storytelling Jacob Rosenberg (Bandito Bros) and Tom Vice (nextLAB. This keynote case study will focus on new production strategies in the modern era of gigabytes and terabytes and file based cameras, are empowering to the creative teams and daunting to those that have to track and manage these assets. (NEED FOR SPEED, WAITING FOR LIGHTNING, DUST TO GLORY)

Digital Rights:  Navigating Copyright in a Digital World
Eric J. Schwartz (partner, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp).   Eric Schwartz will discuss  current U.S. copyright law including a review of recent cases and  issues such as asset copying, mass digitization, fair use, and preservation and access of audiovisual materials.  Schwartz is one the most highly regarded experts in this field, bringing invaluable insight from more than 25 years of experience as a copyright attorney providing counseling on U.S. and foreign copyright laws – including rights, ownership and enforcement issues – relating to new technology rights, social media, and management matters.

Where Has All the Content Gone?
In partnership with Creative Storage, Entertainment Storage Alliance
The long preservation of digital content requires the right digital storage technologies, the right practices and a commitment to a long-term storage objective.   Noted expert Thomas Coughlin, founder of Creative Storage Conference, will explore trends in content creation and storage, a survey of available and future archiving technologies and their trade-offs and provide guidance on the best way to bring valuable digital content into the future.

Laura Rooney, AMIA managing director, notes “We believe bringing together a diversity of knowledge leads to new solutions to shared challenges.  New media assets are being created at a speed that grows exponentially, in almost every industry, every day.  Everyone is dealing with similar challenges and we can learn a lot from each other, but only if we’re in the same place.  DAS is where those discussions happen – where experts in each stage of the digital life cycle put aside theory and share real world experience.”

Registration is now open for DAS. Tickets are available at  The two day event includes all panels, case studies, and two cocktail receptions.

Industry partners include American Cinema Editors, Entertainment Storage Alliance, Law Enforcement Video Association, Media & Entertainment Services Alliance, Iron Mountain Entertainment Services, Deluxe, LAC Group, and Reflex Technologies.