The Program

Posted on May 2, 2014

File 8 - No Shadow White background High Resolution JPEG formatNo matter the industry content continues to increase, technology continues to advance and the demand for access continues to grow. The DAS program addresses the full life cycle of the media asset – from content creation to rights management to assuring asset preservation.

Thursday . May 15


8:30am –  Doors Open

9:00am – Welcome
Tom Regal, DAS Program Chair

9:15am – An Introduction
Linda Tadic, Executive Director, Audiovisual Archive Network

9:30am – Law Enforcement: A Case Study in the Challenges Digital Evidence Management
Laura Futrell, Forensic Consultant and DNA Analyst for Santa Clara Police Department

Laura Futrell explores real world issues in dealing with digital forensic evidence, from downloading video interviews, storing mass amounts of crime scene photos, working with the internal IT department and the challenges of online sharing of evidence with the District Attorney.

10:30am – Break

11:00am – Access, Privacy & Liability:  Do You Understand Your Digital Liability?
Adam Grant, Apert, Barr & Grant, APLC

Grant, an expert in mobile app law as well as online and digital privacy, will discuss current issues regarding information gathering and privacy case law.  He will explore what people need to be aware of now, based on what is coming up in the future, and how to best prepare. The future being whatever case law is currently in litigation or pending.

11:30am – Archive and Preservation Case Study:  Building an Archive-Centric DAM
Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin, Executive Director for Jewish Educational Media
Dekel Hamatian, The Living Archive
Schlomo Morosow, The Living Archive

For the past several years, J.E.M. has been working to build an access system for their archive of video and audio content that could handle all of their metadata needs, as well as be actively used in their research and production environments. The Rabbi will discuss the systems purpose, different file formats used, metadata searching, ability to playback, get user permissions and how the new system dramatically cut down their research and production time.

12:30pm – Break

2:00pm – The Evolutionary Environment of Chapman University

2:15pm – Where Has All the Content Gone?
In partnership with Creative Storage, Entertainment Storage Alliance
Thomas Coughlin, Coughlin Associates

The long preservation of digital content requires the right digital storage technologies, the right practices and a commitment to a long-term storage objective.  This talk will explore trends in content creation and storage, digital conversion of analog content, a survey of available and future archiving technologies and their trade-offs and provide guidance on the best way to bring valuable digital and analog content into the future.

3:00pm – Break

3:30pm – Flexiblity, Inventiveness and Creativity: A Case Study in Data Centric  Storytelling
Jacob Rosenberg, Bandito Bros
Tom Vice, nextLAB

This keynote case study discusses how new production strategies in the modern era of gigabytes and terabytes and file based cameras, are empowering to the creative teams and daunting to those that have to track and manage these assets.

For the past decade, the team from Bandito Brothers has continually brought technical inventiveness to the creative process. Supported by high powered technical partners like nextLAB, Bandito has successfully executed extreme production and post production models to tell stories. Jacob Rosenberg from Bandito Brothers,. (NEED FOR SPEED, WAITING FOR LIGHTNING, DUST TO GLORY) and Tom Vice from nextLAB will dive into critical questions: How many k’s do we need to shoot and where does this end? With commodity hardware and software when do we lean on a facility today as opposed to 10 years ago? Who is the custodian of the camera original files and how much do we need to preserve? All takes, circle takes, directors cut and final or just the final? What we preserve and how we preserve content will be an important matter.  Cameras, formats, frame rates, hardware and software, content preservation, data custodial duties and the impact on the content life cycle are among the many critical topics open for discussion.

5:00pm – Networking Reception



Friday . May 16

8:30am – Doors Open

9:00am – Welcome

9:10am – A Conversation About Curation in Digital Archive Management
Tyler Leshney, Executive VP of Corporate Strategy and Development

Leshney will focus on ‘Information Curation’ solutions that are both strategic and indispensible in providing staffing resources, cost management tools, technology platforms and even storage facilities which allow people to solve problems that few vendors are able to address. He will address how to manage the information in digital format, digitize your print assets, tagging and metadata ready to make your digital information more accessible.

9:45am – A Conversation About Authentication
In partnership with LEVA
Jim Hoerricks, Senior Forensic Video Analyst for the Los Angeles Police Department

Law enforcement agencies face incredible challenges as they manage an avalanche of data, video, images, records and nowhere is the need for authentication more important. Jim Hoerricks is a nationally recognized expert in audio, video and image analyst; instructor and best-selling author.  Jim will explore the difficulties challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in authenticating and managing massive amounts of digital media within strict legal policies.

10:45am – Break

11:15am – Rights In, Rights Out:
Digital Asset Management in the Media & Entertainment Industry

Denise Evans, Vice President of IT at Miramax
Thomas Coleman, CTO of Film Track

From data scrubbing, availability reporting to asset monetization, learn about the digital content lifecycle management process in the Media & Entertainment industry.   This keynote case study will focus on how Miramax implemented FilmTrack’s IP Management platform to manage their vast library and dramatically increase revenues by fully exploiting all of their digital content.

12:30pm – Lunch Break

2:00pm – Digital Rights:  Navigating Copyright in a Digital World
Eric J. Schwartz (partner, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp).

A discussion of current U.S. copyright law including a review of recent cases and  issues such as asset copying, mass digitization, fair use, and preservation and access of audiovisual materials.  Schwartz is one the most highly regarded experts in this field, bringing invaluable insight from more than 25 years of experience as a copyright attorney providing counseling on U.S. and foreign copyright laws – including rights, ownership and enforcement issues – relating to new technology rights, social media, and management matters.

3:00pm – Break

3:30pm – 12 Months in 45 Minutes: Fast Tracking Cultural Asset Management at the Flemish Institute for Archiving (VIAA)
Wim De Waele, CEO, iMinds
Seth Anderson, AVPreserve

The Flemish Institute for Archiving or VIAA digitises, stores and provides access to audiovisual material, photos, documents, etc., together with partners from the cultural, heritage and media sectors. VIAA was founded on 21 December 2012 by the Flemish Government, in response to projects that showed there was a great demand for a more integrated approach to the digital storage of and access to our heritage. VIAA was tasked with providing digitization, preservation, and access services for the cultural heritage of Flemish history, beginning with an estimated 600,000 hours of audio and video material. In twelve months, the organization has gone from startup to functioning archive, with a storage and asset management infrastructure up and running and digitization well under way. This case study will examine how VIAA developed their services and infrastructure in such a short timeline and the challenges of establishing a flexible, multi-tenant system to support the growing number of content providing organizations.

4:45pm – Networking Reception