DAS 2014: Jacob Rosenberg

Posted on September 5, 2014

Flexiblity, Inventiveness and Creativity: A Case Study in Data Centric Storytelling

Jacob Rosenberg, CTO of Bandito Bros., discusses how new production strategies in the modern era of gigabytes and terabytes and file based cameras, are empowering to the creative teams and daunting to those that have to track and manage these assets. For the past decade, the team from Bandito Brothers has continually brought technical inventiveness to the creative process. Supported by high powered technical partners like nextLAB, Bandito has successfully executed extreme production and post production models to tell stories. Jacob Rosenberg from Bandito Brothers,. (NEED FOR SPEED, WAITING FOR LIGHTNING, DUST TO GLORY) and Tom Vice from nextLAB will dive into critical questions: How many k’s do we need to shoot and where does this end? With commodity hardware and software when do we lean on a facility today as opposed to 10 years ago? Who is the custodian of the camera original files and how much do we need to preserve? All takes, circle takes, directors cut and final or just the final? What we preserve and how we preserve content will be an important matter. Cameras, formats, frame rates, hardware and software, content preservation, data custodial duties and the impact on the content life cycle are among the many critical topics open for discussion.