DAS New York: Ben Fino-Radin

Posted on July 6, 2015

MoMA Digital Repository for Museum Collections

MoMA Digital Repository for Museum Collections . The Museum of Modern Art’s department of conservation has built the first digital repository management software tailored to meet the needs and requirements of museum collections. This new free and open source software facilitates digital collections care, management, preservation, and access for time-based media and born-digital artworks – with a particular focus on moving image material. The case study shares a holistic view of how MoMA has implemented this software to meet the challenges of managing a collection that includes thousands of heterogeneous media assets, projected to grow to the petabyte scale over the course of the next three years. Ben Fino-Radin serves as Digital Repository Manager in the department of conservation, and also serves as an Adjunct Professor in NYU’s Moving Image Archiving and Preservation program. Presented at DAS New York on May 8, 2015

An Interview with Ben Fino-Radin

UCLA's Snowden Becker interviews Ben about his DAS presentation and his work at MoMA.