Emerging Business Models – We’re Down With OTT

Posted on March 30, 2016


TV and digital media & entertainment are being reinvented by the Internet. Digital media companies are rethinking their production, distribution and business models as a result of massive industry changes and a paradigm shift in consumer behavior, as it relates to video and media consumption, especially younger generations. To many traditional TV and media companies, the emerging OTT industry has been seen as a threat to their businesses. During this session, you will hear case studies and gain some insight on new opportunities to leverage new models and technologies to reach and grow audiences “over the top”, as well as create new business models.

Case studies will include Footprint.TV and USA Rugby, offering a look into the decision making and effort that went into the launching of their channels as well as the results and outcomes. These case studies will be followed by insights from Paul Hamm from Endavo, a leading provider of OTT and MCN solutions, on the opportunities and trends that exist for all organizations today in this space.




Paul D HammPaul D. Hamm
Paul D Hamm is CEO of Endavo Media, which offers TV networks, Pay TV providers and other digital media companies a full service OTT Video Services Platform and related services. The company has provided digital media distribution and monetization solutions since 2002, initially as a CLEC and triple play provider in Utah. Joining the company as CEO in 2004, Paul managed the reorganization and recapitalization of the company, as well as relocation to Atlanta, before leading the company through private financing rounds to support the launch of Endavo’s new OTT Video Services Platform and entry into new markets, which began in 2007. Endavo has served a major international telco, broadcast TV networks, and many small to mid-sized digital entertainment & media businesses. Prior to Endavo, Paul worked in private investment management and investment banking for over 15 years, making principal investments into and raising capital for many emerging technology companies. Paul also served in the US Army as a Civil Affairs officer.