Smart Content and Metadata from Creation to Distribution

Posted on April 14, 2016

Smart Content and Metadata from Creation to Distribution

Metadata has never been more important across every part of the creation, distribution, and even archive, lifecycle and connecting it has never been more valuable. Taking a new Smart Content approach, organizations are looking across all their data to connect with users, drive new ways to partner with advertisers, drive efficiencies and help better understand the value of their content. This session will look at the impact of Smart Content across the content lifecycle and highlight some organizations putting it all together and making an impact not only in how they work with content but in creating great new experiences for users.



Diane BurleyDiane Burley

As Chief Content Strategist for MarkLogic Corporation, a Silicon Valley-based Enterprise NoSQL database platform provider that enables organizations to turn all data into valuable and actionable information to impacts top and bottom lines, Diane Burley is both storyteller and architect of MarkLogic's content delivery systems. For MarkLogic she has built millions of dollars of pipelines using great content and thought leadership tactics