Media Asset Management In Financial Institutions

Posted on June 27, 2017

Media Asset Management In Financial Institutions
Terrence A. Thomas, Vice President of Enterprise Infrastructure, Morgan Stanley

Moving image collections are no longer only found in media and entertainment companies and cultural heritage institutions. Financial institutions, long a leader in data quality and master data initiatives and in financial asset management, are now also creating and managing enormous audiovisual operations. Terrence A.Thomas, Vice President of Enterprise Infrastructure at Morgan Stanley, will talk about media asset management as it pertains to audio visual operations in the financial services industry, and some of the specific challenges and requirements associated with this.

Terrence A Thomas is a Vice President in Morgan Stanley’s Enterprise Infrastructure division’s multimedia department, responsible for managing broadcast integration projects, as well as non-standard audio visual and multimedia projects across the Americas.

Terrence served as the multimedia PM during the recent renovation of Morgan Stanley’s iconic digital signage at the headquarters building in Times Square.He has experience in the M&E industry as an engineer at multiple television networks, including CNN, ABC, and HBO.  He is working towards implementing MAM best practices gleaned from the M&E industry into the financial services industry, which has an increasing demand for digital media asset management.

Terrence holds a BSEE from The University of Mississippi, and an MS-MBA in Technology Management from Steven’s Institute of Technology.  He is also a member of the Institute of Electronic & Electrical Engineers (IEEE), IEEE Broadcast Technology Society, IEEE Communications Society, Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE), Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE), and Project Management Institute (PMI).